There are 15 hidden links scattered across this website. How many can you find?


click on the green cat! (top left corner)

lmk if u use them!

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LINKS- "Tiny Rubberband" by Moby & Butthole Surfers
ABOUT ME- "Manic Depression" by Gitane Demone & Rozz Williams
LAYNE STALEY- "Don't Follow" by Alice in Chains
ERROR PAGES- "Me and Thumbelina" by Fugazi
MOVIES- "Mine is a Lonely Life" by Skeeter Davis
ART- "My Wine in Silence" by My Dying Bride
PETER STEELE- "Ground Zero Brooklyn" by Carnivore (spoken word part) and "Bloody Kisses (A death in the family)" by Type o Negative
SITE MAP- "Artificial Red" by Mad Season
?- "Romans" by Adam Walicki